Lubrication Equipment

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Muth transmission fluid exchanger

Pneumatic Fluid Exchanger Suitable For Oil Change In Automatic Transmissions.

Muth 80l pneumatic waste oil extractor

Pneumatic Waste Oil Mobile Unit With 20Gl Capacity. It Can Be Used Via Gravity Or By Neumátic Suction

Muth 30 lt manual oil dispenser

Manual Oil Dispenser, With 30L Tank Capacatiy. It Is Suitable For Pumping Oil Into Mechanical Transmisisons And Drivetrains.

Muth 20Kg pneumatic mobile grease dispenser

Pneumatic Grease Dispenser Mobile Unit, With 20Kg Drum Capacity. Includes Pressure Diafragm, Whose And Grease Gun

Muth 55 Gl mobile oil dispenser kit

Pneumatic Oil Dispenser Mobile Unit, Suitable For Use With 55 Gallon Drums. Includes Reinforced Cart, Neumatic Hose And Digital Flowmeter